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Trends when choosing our doors

April marks the beginning of the renovation season. During this period, we seek to revitalize our spaces and consider new environments. It is important to consider various aspects. Do not postpone decisions; start thinking about the transformations you want to make in your home.

We assist you with what we know best—interior doors—and propose aspects to consider to meet the aesthetic and functional needs of the space.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Style and design: Ensure that the door style integrates with the overall decoration of the space. We offer different door options that adapt to any type of environment.

2. Finish: Depending on the chosen design, it's time to select the finish. Natural or stained wood veneers, lacquered, and laminated are some of the options we offer for our customers to find the finish that best suits their needs. Choose a material that suits the style of the space and meets your durability and maintenance requirements.

3. Functionality: Consider the function of the door. Although hinged doors are by far the most used, sliding doors are ideal for small spaces. Including glass doors is a good option to bring clarity to your home.

4. Hardware: Details such as handles, locks, and hinges are important both aesthetically and functionally. Make sure the hardware complements the overall design and meets safety standards.

5. Budget: Define a clear budget and look for options that fit within it. Consider the price-quality ratio and do not compromise quality entirely based on cost.

6. Maintenance: Evaluate the level of maintenance required for each type of door. Some materials may be more resistant to wear and easier to maintain than others.

7. Local regulations and standards: In our product range, you will find fire-rated, acoustic, security doors, etc. Ensure compliance with local regulations and building codes. This is especially important in public places such as hotels or offices.

By paying attention to these details, you can choose doors that adapt to both your aesthetic and functional needs.

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